1. Credit Department Approval. Open accounts subject to credit worthiness. It is necessary to have an open Power Plan account prior to renting any equipment
  2. Freight. F.O.B. Erb yard and return freight to nearest branch. Delivery and pick-up from your site is available. Call your nearest location for a quote on any hauling for your rental application.
  3. Insurance
    • Liability: Coverage must be assured for all risk and liability, from all damages, for injuries or death to persons or property arising out of the use, possession or transportation of rental equipment.
    • Physical Damage: Rental Equipment is to be insured at full value against all risk of physical damage and loss including vandalism and theft. Erb can provide Physical Damage Waiver Coverage, if you elect, at an additional cost, you can eliminate the need to contact your insurance broker to obtain a certificate of insurance. You'll find the deductible plan to be very competitive. As Follows:
      • Deductible is a minimum of $1,000 or 15% of the repair bill, whichever is higher.
        1. Damages through theft & vandalism is a 15% deductible on the "Fair Market Value" of the machine.
        2. Damages through customer transport, customer hired transport, negligence, abuse, failure to properly service the machine, hitting overhead objects & overloading the machine are "EXCLUDED" from coverage.
  4. Rental Contract. A rental contract must be signed or executed on every transaction with all pertinent data furnished prior to the release of the rental equipment.
  5. Rent to Own. All machinery is available for sale; lessee has the first right of refusal.
  6. Hour Limits
    • Daily -- 8 hours or one day
    • Weekly -- 40 hours or days
    • Monthly -- 176 hours or four weeks
    • Extra hours will be charged
  7. Interest Rates. Erb will allow 100% of all rentals to apply to agreed upon option price, plus an interest charge of PRIME plus 3% APR at the time of conversion.
  8. Repairs and Maintenance. All repairs due to abuse or negligence will be charged to the lessee upon return of damaged rental equipment. Also, any abnormal clean-up cost will be the responsibility of the lessee. Furthermore, if the rental unit is converted into a sale, all non-warrantable repairs and maintenance, during the rental period, will be added to the conversion price. Rental maintenance agreements are available to assure scheduled periodic maintenance. (Lessee is responsible for the maintenance charges on any machine that has at least 250 hours or more put onto the hour meter in a rental period.)

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